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Book - Am examination of Religiosity

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Chapter 8 - The old-new view of consciousness: A review of philosophical and scientific approaches 


Rejane Spiegelberg Planer

"The nature of consciousness has profound implications for our own existence. Consciousness thinks, creates, sees and perceives the world’s reality. Consciousness influences our health; it determines our spirituality; it leads our life. Human beings are conscious beings. Western philosophy investigated the fundamental constituents of reality and put forward the concept of the soul and the realm of the spirit, and the dichotomy between mind and body. In the 19th century, in both America and Europe, there were multiple experiences of mediumship and psi phenomena, which attracted the attention of philosophers, scientists and the general public. Some denied their veracity, but many well-known scientists have investigated them and support the view of the spirit as an independent individuality. The main aim of science is to understand Nature."



Full text (pdf) is available for reading here.



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